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Student and Prospective Student Information

BYU Info Resources
Student Financial Services
Student Support

Freshman Applicants

Application for current high school students, high school graduates, and applicants who have not completed any graded college work.

International Students

Application for students who are required to enter the United States with a visa.

Transfer Student Services

Application for students who have enrolled in a college or university who may or may not have completed credit. (If no credit has been completed, the applicant may also apply as a freshman).


Forms for students who wish to postpone registering for classes for a period of time. There are two types of deferments available to BYU Students: Leave of Absence and Mission Deferment. This link also includes the form to discontinue classes.

Course Catalog

BYU's definitive guide to programs (majors and minors) and courses offered, as well as policies and procedures followed, during a given academic year.


List of every major and minor BYU offers.


Guide to ordering transcripts online and a series of FAQs about different scenarios.


Where to apply for BYU scholarships, submit off-campus scholarships, read about eligibility for need-based/private scholarships, and find off-campus scholarship opportunities through Scholarship Universe.

Cougar Cash

Explanation of what Cougar Cash is and how to use it.


Link to a student’s personal 1098-T tax form and information about their eligibility.


Where to pay tuition and general fees. This link also includes the tuition costs of the past year’s tuition costs for different types of students.

University Advisement Center

Advisement center for students who have an open major. They help students explore careers/majors and plan courses. Appointments can be made through this link.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Provides individual therapy for full-time students, stress management programs, and online mental health courses. 

On-Campus Housing

Contracts for single/family housing and information about BYU’s different on-campus housing options.

Off-Campus Housing

Where to petition for exceptions, find the updated student housing policy, and contact the Off-Campus Housing Office.

IT Support

This office provides technology support for all users such as DUO setup, password reset, and wifi set up by phone or chat.

Academic Calendar

Semester dates, registration deadlines, tuition due dates, etc.

Independent Study

Online courses that provide flexible ways for high school and university students to catch up, fill course gaps, and graduate early.

A-Z Index

Index of every department and service at BYU.

Technical Support Information

Learn how to utilize the university's software and hardware